A message from the artistic director, T. Otgonsuren

Sincere greetings to you all on behalf of the Tumen Ekh National Song and Dance Ensemble and myself. Over 20 years have passed since the Tumen Ekh ensemble was set up with goals to explore, study, promote and develop cultural heritage and folk arts in their various magnificent forms, and to lead the sector with skillful performances while satisfying the intellectual needs of the public. Over the years the ensemble has been faithful to its obligations as a professional cultural and artistic organization.

In addition to the harmonious attitude and collective nature of the ensemble, help and support from collaborating organizations and reliable partners as well as the encouragement and warm hearts of our audience and customers give us tremendous inspiration.

We will welcome our 21st anniversary with more energy and enthusiasm to present our performance using methodologies that meet the requirements of the modern world and rapidly developing new technology. We look forward to meeting you again and again and sharing the rich and unique arts and culture of our people.


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